CHARM Farm - Chodove Animal Rescue and Maintenance

The CHARM Farm came about as a way to address the need for a Rescue Shelter for unwanted or mistreated Farm Animals. These animals come from places where the owners can not (or will not) care for them in the way they need to be cared for. At the CHARM Farm, the Animals come first. They are fed before breakfast and nurtured so they remain healthy and happy livestock.

Volunteers Wanted!
We need as many as 6 able bodied folks to volunteer their time to help tear down an old corral about 6 miles West of Strasbourg. The corral will come down in sections and we have access to a loader on site to pull posts out of the ground. We will also use the loader to lift the heavier pieces onto the truck or wagon rack to transport them back here. Depending on the turn out of volunteers, we should be done the tear down process in approximately 6 hours.

We have established relationships with 3 different service providers who will accept contributions on our behalf. Visit our Vet Fund page to find out how to contribute directly to TM'Z Veterinary Clinic.

Our Farrier is Tim Hugie. Visit the Farrier Fund page to find out how to contribute directly to the farrier.

You can also support The CHARM Farm at Masterfeeds in Regina. See the Masterfeeds Fund page for details. Thanks for your support!

The animals at the CHARM Farm don't ask for much. What they require is to be fed, watered and sheltered from the elements and predators. They need to be tended to to ensure that they have clean surroundings to live in, and if they get sick they need to be cared for. Some animals need their hooves trimmed on a regular basis. Others need to be sheared to make room for a new growth of winter wool.

Although we have plenty of room for more stock here on the farm, we are presently not accepting any more animals until such time as we receive sponsorships or donations to help cover the costs of feed and bedding. We will be making several bales of bedding straw later this month, however, it is being done with borrowed equipment on a neighbour's wheat field. Donations of cash to cover the costs of twine and fuel for the tractor would be greatly appreciated - even small amounts count big!

Some need to be milked, others need to be "worked" - but most of all, they need tlc. They may have been neglected at their previous situation, or they may just be old and come here as a retirement home, but they all receive grooming and interaction with people as part of their daily lives. For some, a simple scratching around the ears and a hello is enough. For others, a little bit of cuddling and snuggling is necessary to make them happy.

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As new animals arrive and pictures are available, the links will be available below. At present, only rescued horses and alpacas are in residence.

Our aim is to provide for

  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Sheep
  • Llamas
  • Alpacas
  • Hogs
  • Chickens
  • Turkeys
  • Geese
  • Donkeys
  • Goats

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We have acquired a chore tractor with a front end loader. A 1956 model 400 IHC gas tractor, to be used for making hay and general duty around the farm.



We are ALWAYS in need of bedding and feed. Wheat Straw is preferred for bedding. Virtually any hay can be used as we cater to a variety of animals.
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We need several items asap. Please check the Equipment Page and see if you can help.



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Current Projects

We recently obtained over 100 acres of hay to cut and bale for winter feed. This should cover our needs for the year.

We need to haul in several truckloads of gravel for the floor of our steel quonset where we want to store our hay and equipment.

We have several hundred feet of corral to remove from a farm near us and rebuild here on The CHARM Farm.

Fund Raisers

We We currently have no planned fundraisers. Please use the Donate button to contribute.

Help Wanted

We need help in aquiring feed, transporting the animals from their location to here, mending barns and fencing. We are accepting volunteers of all ages form virtually any walk of life.